IRLP Node 4676 comprises a standalone Micro-Node running the Centos 4.8 Linux operating system connected to an Alinco DR-235T 222mhz FM rig.  A powerful PC is not needed, the audio bandwidth is about 8KB/s (64000kbs or 8bit word x 8khz sample compressed by a factor of 2 yielding 32kbs) and a low end, available spare PC is just fine. Before the addition of the new Micro-Node I was running a Dell PII 400Mhz machine with an old SoundBlaster ISA card.  This worked great (see photo below) for about 6 years (24x7x365)!   However, there is a requirement of an always connected cable (or DSL) connection with a dedicated or DHCP IP address.

How to Access IRLP via Node 4676

How to Access EchoLink via Node 517996

Thanks and Enjoy!


Old Node:

Updated Micro-Node:

Standalone Micro-Node

Inside of Micro-Node